Field Collection of Data on Human Rights

PRIMA members have guided a number of local organizations in collecting data on large-scale human rights violations during or after conflict. Our approach has been to draw upon the strengths of the data sources and programs of its partner organizations, and to address their gaps and weaknesses through enhanced data collection efforts. For example, in Colombia, Tamy Guberek and Daniel Guzman worked with EQUITAS to conduct a cemetery census to learn about patterns of unidentified bodies buried as NNs (no names). Romesh Silva’s work in Punjab, India, involved carefully customized approaches to protect the safety of field teams and survey respondents who were at risk due to the sensitivity of the issues they were investigating.


Collecting Sensitive Human Rights Data in the Field: A Case Study from Amritsar, India.

By Romesh Silva and Jasmine Marwaha
Article in JSM Proceedings, Social Statistics Section. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association.

Using Cemetery Information in the Search for the Disappeared: Lessons from a Pilot Study in Rionegro, Antioquia.

In Spanish: El uso de información de cementerios en la búsqueda de desaparecidos: Lecciones de un estudio piloto en Rionegro, Antioquia

By Tamy Guberek, Daniel Guzmán, and Beatriz Vejarano
In Methodological Proposals for Documenting and Searching for Missing Persons in Colombia.
An EQUITAS report