Sexual Violence Data Analysis

PRIMA co-founder Tamy Guberek and colleagues from Corporación Punto de Vista and HRDAG conducted a study in 2010-11 reviewing the challenges of using data and deriving statistics on sexual violence in the context of Colombia’s ongoing internal armed conflict. Many of the difficulties are faced by researchers worldwide who attempt to document the extent of sexual violence. As is the case for most sources, context-specific political and cultural issues affect governmental and non-governmental data about sexual violence.


Using Quantitative Data to Assess Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Colombia: Challenges and Opportunities.

In Spanish: El uso de datos cuantitativos para entender la violencia sexual relacionada con el conflicto armado colombiano: Retos y Oportunidades

By Françoise Roth, Tamy Guberek, and Amelia Hoover Green
March 2011
A project of Corporación Punto de Vista and the Benetech Human Rights Program